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Driving lessons and DMV car rental.

driving lessons

Step 1. Register and purchase Lessons. Start by purchasing lessons, then a DriveScout welcome email will be sent to you.

Step 2. Schedule. Login into your DriveScout account to schedule driving lessons. For teens, we recommend you wait at least one week between lessons to allow for practice time.

Step 3. Take Classes. For teenagers, our driving instructors will sign your learner’s permit after 2 hours of training.  Upon completing 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training, teens will receive the DMV certificate of completion (DL400D). Teens under 18 years old are required to complete 6-hours before taking their DMV drive test.

Adults may take beginner or refresher classes.  We’ll customize the class for your needs. Improve your parking skills, lane change, freeway driving, prepare for drive test and much more.

**If you have a DriveScout account and need to purchase more lessons, then click on Orders then Purchase Services.  Note that you must purchase lessons before scheduling lessons.

2 Hour Lesson

Customized for you. Beginner or refresher.

$ 210

4 Hour Lesson Package

Two 2-hour driving lessons. Customized for you.

$ 420

6 Hour Lesson Package ($40 savings)

3 2-hour driving lessons.

$ 590

DMV Drive test Car Rental with 30 minutes practice time

Use the school's car for DMV Drive Test. Instructor accompanies you to the DMV. Pick-up 60 minutes before DMV test time.

$ 290

DMV Drive Test Car Rental with 60 minutes practice

Use the school's car for DMV Drive Test. Driving Instructor accompanies you. Session starts 90 minutes before DMV test time.

$ 340

Deluxe Driving Package ($40 savings)

Three 2-hour lessons and 1 DMV Drive Test Car Rental.

$ 880

10 hours Lesson Package (5 Lessons) $100 savings

Comprehensive driving package allowing lots of practice time. 5 2-hour driving lessons.

$ 950