Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions in mind? Keep scrolling down to learn more about our professional driving school in Mountain View.

What are the main driving skills taught during lessons?

At Deluxe Driving School, we ensure teaching comprehensive and safe driving skills to all the drivers regardless of the age of the driver.  We evaluate and teach the following:

  • Car Familiarity
  • Steering
  • Acceleration and Deacceleration
  • Braking Smoothly
  • Scanning
  • Left Turns and Right Turns
  • Following at the appropriate distance
  • Changing Lanes
  • Looking for Blind Spot
  • Interstate/ Freeway Driving
  • Straight Line Reverse
  • Parallel Parking

We not only teach or train our students these basic driving skills but also make sure to track our student’s progress. Our pro-driving instructors maintain a track record in the student account. There are comprehensive driving refresher courses you can join to improve skills and confidence on the road.

Deluxe Driving School will help you learn and finetune your driving techniques in the US. Make sure you discuss the skills you need to focus on with your driving instructor.

Do you provide pick & drop service to learners for in-car driving lessons?

We will pick up and drop off from your home, school, or workplace (anywhere from Menlo Park down to San Jose). Note that the instructor may cancel the lesson at the expense of the learner if he/she doesn’t have needed prescription glasses/contacts, licenses, or permits.

I’ll be taking the DMV behind-the-wheel test but don’t have my own car. I want to schedule DMV test car rental with your school. How can I do so?

To schedule your DMV test car rental, you need to get in touch by calling or emailing us so that we may check the availability of the driving instructor.

To rent our car for your DMV, you must take at least one driving lesson at our school.

We service the following DMV field offices:

  • Redwood City
  • San Jose on Alma and Santa Teresa
  • Santa Clara
  • Los Gatos
  • Fremont
  • San Mateo

The general process to rent a car from Deluxe Driving School is as follow;

  • Book an appointment for the DMV behind-the-wheel test and forward us the confirmation email from the DMV containing your name, test time and date, and DMV location.
  • If you don’t want to book an appointment yourself, inform our coordinator and provide the details including your name, date of birth, permit number, permit issue date, and preferred dates and time.
  • Our representative will schedule you for the DMV behind-the-wheel test on the DMV website after confirming the instructor’s availability.
  • As a learner, you need to pay $300 for your DMV road test on Deluxe Driving’s website to get it scheduled on the system. Our coordinator works with you if you want to reschedule the appointment for your DMV test.
  • We ensure scheduling it on the slot that suits you the best. We don’t let you wait much and find a mutual time to plan your lessons within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • The instructor picks you up from your destination an hour before your DMV Road test to help you practice.

Do you help anxious and nervous drivers?

We understand that driving needs confidence and it takes practice and time to pick up confidence. Our experienced and patient driving instructors give nervous and anxious drivers enough time to get comfortable. By applying proven methods to help drivers reduce anxiety, we teach them how to drive safely and confidently.

Is it necessary to sign up for the six hours driving lessons all at once?

No, you don’t need to schedule all the driving lessons right away. You can enroll for 2-hour lessons in the beginning and then schedule more lessons according to your driving needs.

What payment methods to do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:
Visa, Mastercard (no American Express), zelle, cash, or check.

When I try to enroll, the sign-up page asks for the School Code.

Our school code is DELUXE.

Why does my account show inactive?

There can be multiple reasons that can make a learner’s account inactive. Some of the reasons include outstanding cancellation fees and expired permit information. You can contact our representative to get more details.

When do I obtain my driver’s license?

You need to meet the given criteria to get your driving license.

  • You must be 16 years old or older
  • For Teens under 18 – You should have a completion certificate for the 30 hours driver education course (online or classroom)
  • For Teens under 18 – You should have a completion certificate for 6 hours of driver training (behind the wheel instruction)
  • For Teens under 18 -You must have a driving permit for six months.  There is no wait period for individuals over 18 years old.
  • For teen  under 18 – You must complete 50 hours behind the wheel training with a guardian, parents, and instructors
  • You must pass your DMV test with no major errors and less than 16 minor errors.

Can my parents teach me with a license from another state?

No, whoever drives with you must have a valid California Driver License and be 25 years of age or older. The person who signs your permit stating that you have done the 50 hours of extra driving instruction must have a valid California Driver License. Adults with learning permits only need to be accompanied by a California licensed driver 18 or over.

Are you a DMV licensed business?

A Deluxe Driving School’s DMV driving school license number is E2224. The school is bonded and insured. It uses vehicles that have additional passenger brakes, accelerators, and rearview mirrors.

What is the maximum period to complete the driving course?

Learners need to complete the behind-the-wheel instruction course within 12 months from their enrollment day

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Our driving service doesn’t offer refunds when you enroll in our 6-hours behind-the-wheel program. If our instructor is at your place to pick you up and you miss the class, you will have to pay a $50 cancelation. We don’t entertain last-minute cancellations and uninformed absence of the learners. Please make sure you plan your schedule carefully to prevent cancellations and changes.

Our instructors spend a significant amount of time preparing your lessons. They make sure they show up at the scheduled time.

If you do need to reschedule or cancel a class, please do so in far advance.  You can cancel a class by logging into our website, selecting View/Cancel Session, and clicking the session to cancel.  You may then reschedule.  Feel free to contact us if you need more information on our cancellation policy or assistance with rescheduling a session.

If you need to cancel, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid the $50 cancellation fee.

Does your school provide the 6 hours of behind the wheel CA DMV completion Certificate (DL400D)?

Yes, when a learner or a student completes his or her 6 hours behind-the-wheel training, we provide a DMV gold certificate of completion which is needed for their DMV drive test.

DMV Certificate of Completion

BTW Certificate of Completion

Do you allow teenagers who started their behind-the-wheel training in another driving school to finish 6-hours behind-the-wheel lessons with our school to get the behind-the-wheel completion certificate (DL 400D)?

Yes, teenage drivers who want their behind-the-wheel training completion certificate can complete their training with us.  They will need to provide a letter from the other school stating the student’s name, training time/dates, and birthdate. They can email us this letter.

Do I have to pay something if I misplace or lose my 6-hours of completion certificate?

You will be charged $25 to get a new certificate in that case. We send the certificate by mail.

In which areas do you provide service?

The Mountain View office provides services to students who live in San Jose up to Redwood City.

What Sets Push Start Driving School Apart?

Quality Driving Instructors

Our CA DMV licensed driving instructors are calm and patient with beginner students. The instruction style of our licensed driving instructor makes driving lessons easier and less stressful. You’ll feel more confident and enjoy learning how to drive with our instructors.

New & Safe Vehicles

All of our vehicles are easy to drive with modern amenities. They have all of the major safety features installed. Rest assured that you’ll feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel of our cars.

Super Convenient

Our Mountain View location serves Atherton, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Stanford, and Sunnyvale. We can pick you up, drop you off, and even let you rent our vehicles for your DMV exam. You’ll know you can rely on us wherever you are.